Do Me at MICS Monaco 2018 (Monaco International Clubbing Show)

Do Me at MICS Monaco 2018, love drink.

MICS is a must annual event that brings together service providers and suppliers from the industry of nightclubs, bars, restaurants and beaches.

When that much party vibes accumulate at one place

Do Me team just manifests there. It is more than just a meeting between

professionals, MICS is a place of ideas exchange, around the same ambition: to animate and create positive emotions on the club scene.

Due to the party nature of MICS, our exposition area

was open till 4 am, when the trade venue turned into a clubbing area.

No wonder Do Me just felt at home in such setting.

We were extremely happy and satisfied with the way these party

masters responded to our product.We received 100% positive feedback after consumption and a lot of interest to Do Me as a party attribute.

And we couldn’t be happier. 2 events marked our visit to MICS and make

it even more exciting. On our first evening in Monaco we went to

a party for radio NRG 20 th birthday. The leading radio station in France celebrated with a rich program event. The line up included one of the

most popular pop stars and Dj’s of our time. It was the best time to

introduce Do Me to its most suitable targets of party people and

professionals from the field. We love the interest to our product and use any opportunity to receive feedback from consumers.

Usually, people are firstly drowned to our exposition stand by

the designs – playful yet elegant, with vibrant colors and eye-catching packaging. But then, when we present Do Me love drink with its USP’s and effects, that’s when the real interest is awaken. Our love elixir can’t leave you indifferent,

first with its brand promise and values and second, with its after effects.

Our second evening was marked by the beauty theme. That was the night of

Miss USSR Monaco finale. We used the occasion to try this new target of beautiful young women and their reaction to Do Me.

As they are people with dynamic lifestyle, they sure can benefit from our unisex liquid love potion. Do Me is the so-called soul aphrodisiac,

where the effect is from the inside out. It removes stress and inhibitions, strengthens desire, intensifies senses

and makes you indulge in a different, endless pleasure. 

Our instincts didn’t mislead us. The feedback from the girls was 100% positive which motivate us to  go further and be even bolder with our marketing plans.

Do Me at MICS Monaco 2018, love drink


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